Thursday, August 11, 2011

iClipping FREE

iClipping performs clippings of text information from the web-page.
These clippings are shown with a compact list.
Thus, iClipping can be used as a handy tool for compact representation of the data from Internet,
you are interested in, on your mobile device.
iClipping displays any information, framed with the permanent text fields: Prefix and Postfix,
where Prefix and Postfix are usually source page permanent html-tags.
When configurating a clipping, make use of source page choice fields.
Then select the text with the help of searching and try to detect the fields automatically.

Tarot Cube (Fortune teller)

Tarot Cube – this program allows you to use your own Taro Deck as a wise adviser in everyday life.
From everlasting people used card reading to know the future or to know how to solve their problems or just to get some advice and warning. Often Taro cards were used for this.
Do you want to know what your day will look like? Or how the situation warring you will perform? Probably you just want to know what the reason of your stress for today is. Or you want to have some advice in your love affairs?
Asking your question, you'll get the Taro Card of the Day. The description will definitely help you to make the situation clear. Depending on the question, you can have the advice in different spheres, so you'll have a positive spirit, which is so important in difficult situations.
You can also take the Lunar Day characteristics into account to decipher the answer.